Saturday, August 05, 2006

Imprisoned Egyptian politician to have heart stents

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Source: Reuters

CAIRO, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Imprisoned Egyptian opposition politician Ayman Nour will go into hospital on Saturday to have stents inserted in his arteries, his wife said on Thursday. MORE . . .

Appeal Which Appreared in August 5, 2006, Issue of The Free Ayman Nour Newsletter

Dear All,

We appeal to each of you to not forget about Egypt.

We are referring to all of you: employees, members of the Parliament, teachers, U.S. State Department employees, researchers, retired people, etc. to not abandon the Egyptian civil society.

In this harsh period of war in the Middle East, the international community should not forget its duty to condemn dictators.

The crisis in the Middle East is not only regional, but also global. The international community cannot continue to give credit to dictators, hoping that they will save the situation. The international community should not fall into this trap.

Mubarak is internally very weak, but has understood that he could have a chance to continue to rule if he could act as a mediator in the crisis in the region.

In fact, "act" is really the right word. Mubarak did not manage to reach any cease-fire. Why in the world, Hamas - the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood - should listen to one of its own enemies?

However, this part of the equation did not discourage Mubarak. He flew to Saudi Arabia and asked for help from the Wahabi, knowing that they have more power than he does. So now he is "cooperating" to find a solution, showing how "good" he is, covered by the Saudis and other times by the Jordanians.

The international community is scared of the Muslim Brotherhood and they think that keeping Mubarak will help the Middle East have a "secular State" and a "valid mediator in the region."

The international community is totally wrong. In this way, it is just destroying our beloved Middle East. Mubarak, who is now "acting" as the man of Peace, is a DICTATOR no less than Bashar el-Assad.

Mubarak is the man who jailed Saad Eddin-Ibrahim under fake accusations and let him be tortured. Mubarak is the man who jailed Ayman Nour under fake accusations and deprived his sons of having a father. Mubarak is the man who has thrown in jail 20,000 political prisoners. Mubarak is the man who orders the police to stop peaceful demonstrations in the streets and allows the beatings of teenagers, who are later raped in jail by Mubarak's security forces.

Is this a man of Peace? By supporting Mubarak, the international community is not only killing hope - especially in the younger generations - but such continued support to Mubarak will be translated into internal chaos, increasing protests, demonstrations, discontent among the population, anti-westerners and anti-Semitic feelings.

If the international community wants to change the situation in the region, it can start by freeing Ayman Nour. If the international community will not do anything, we have already advised you to not be astonished when you see young people, who have lost all hope, burning with hate against the west.

In the meantime, the Egyptian civil society will continue alone its fight for democracy and freedom, trying to save itself.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Write Letters to the U.S. Congressional Human Rights Caucus

Link to list of addresses:

Copy of Letter I wrote to each Human Rights Caucus Member.

Re: Ayman Nour and Gameela Ismail

Dear :

The situation for Ayman Nour and his wife, Gameela Ismail, appear to have become extremely grave. Word has been received that the Egyptian government has brought "charges" against Gameela and she is extremely concerned about being arrested as she has two children. Additional "new" charges have been brought against Ayman. Ayman and Gameela are not only good friends to the United States, they are human beings who should not have to undergo the terror to which they are being subjected. Ayman and Gameela share a profound bond with the people of the United States–they cherish freedom and democracy. Please do not abandoned Ayman and Gameela. They have and are sacrificing so much to promote freedom and democracy in Egypt.

As a taxpayer, I must ask, why are we giving this one-man-rule leader of Egypt who is called president, but whose actions are those of a dictator, $1.3 billion in military aid?

How can we send our children to fight and die in Iraq in the name of democracy while at the same time provide funding to a government that has proven disdainful to our form of government (democracy)?

If Mubarak was not disdainful to our form of government, he would never persecute and terrorize Egyptian citizens who cherish the principles of democracy and freedom as we do. Without the $1.3 billion, Mubarak would not be able to finance his own form of terrorism on his own people. Terrorism is terrorism. There are no gray areas. Please do not let the United States be used as a conduit to fund terrorism on the people of Egypt by funding such a leader as Mubarak.

Please ask Congress to withhold the $1.3 billion from Egypt until Dr. Nour is released with a promise from Mubarak that neither Dr. Nour, his wife and children will be harassed and terrorized again. Withholding the military aid is the only thing that Mubarak will understand as his "friendship" is shallow. Please stop the torture, imprisonment without cause, control of the press and media, disrespect of Egyptian citizens' human rights anddignity, and disappearance of those who speak out against the Mubarak regime of terror.